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Why Try Talentweave?

Both Job Seekers and Hiring Firms Can Benefit from Our Matchmaking Process

One Complete Profile Saves Time

Save countless hours of re-entering the same information into career sites. Once your profile is completed you will be able to show interest in opportunities in one click.

You are More Complex than a Resume

Real people have other qualities, desires and skills than what can fit on a resume, we understand that. Talentweave enables you communicate a more comprehensive version of yourself and your career progession. Find positions that fulfill you as an individual, and not just fill your wallet.

Adjust Filters and Settings for the Best Matches

From wanting to make working meaningful to having free lunches, Talentweave's filters and settings can be adjusted to return the best job matches possible.

Finally Have Access to Symmetrical Information

Eliminate guessing if a position is still open, or if it is actually going to be a job upgrade. Job opportunities will include detailed information that will match with the criteria you set.

Search Anonymously and Passively for Positions

Search with minimal on-going effort and have your boss never find out you are looking for a new position. Your profile will only be revealed if both you and the hiring firm are interested. You can also create an exclusion list for employers or opportunity types you already know you don't want to work with.

Find the Right Talent

Navigate the pool of candidates with ease by setting required skills minimums, job criteria and competency filters specific to your positions. Finding top talent unqiue for your firm is made easier with Talentweave.

Avoid Losing High Value Talent

Talentweave allows qualitative criteria to infulence matchmaking, so your company's culture can help attract top talent. Additionally, when honing settings and filters to find high-potential hires, or if the position has changed, Talentweave lets applicants re-match with your open positions.

Instantaneously Tap Into a Pool of Active and Passive Talent

Save time by being able to match your opportunities to candidates within our talent pool. No more waiting for applications or manually recruiting passive talent.

Spend Less Time Searching and More Time Evaluating

Utilize our matching process to reduce time spent searching for talent, leaving more time for thorough evaluation. Talentweave also allows you to avoid the sea of communication from unqualified applicants.

Avoid Unconsious Bias and Post Positions Discreetly

Both Candidates' and frims' profiles remain anonymous until both parties decide they are interested. This helps eliminate both racial and gender bias when hiring, keeping your firm well within EEO compliance. It also helps recruit talent for a sensitive position that may already be filled, or that is highly visible to the public.

You are more than your resume

Let us help you discover new possibilities and find work that fits you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As a job seeker, you will never have to pay anything, ever. Ultimately, the firm posting the position will pay to have contact information revealed, but this is only after both the job seeker and hiring firm show interest in the opportunity.
For now, Talentweave is focusing on administrative roles such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing and et cetera.
We like to think of your profile as a whole representation of you or your firm. With saying that there are four levels of profile completion: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Fully Complete. In order to search for opportunities, you must have at least completed a basic profile. A basic profile will take about two hours to complete depending on the length of your career and breadth of skills.
Match alert settings are at your discretion. You can be notified anytime a position or candidate passes a certain match percentage threshold, when someone shows interest, or only when both parties show interest.
At the moment, we are focusing on the San Francisco Bay area. We hope to someday be able to provide positions anywhere in the world.
The short answer is yes. Talentweave will develop non-administrative job types in the future, but only after we master our current offerings and fully satisfy our customers.
The accuracy of our matchmaking largely depends on how complete your profile is, in short, it is beneficial to complete as much of your profile as you are able to.
Closed beta will end when we feel that our matchmaking service is tuned enough to be of service to the public. To be considered for the closed beta, please email us your basic information

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